Extra virgin olive oil

The harvested olives are pressed with continuous cycle systems at a controlled temperature, obtaining an oil by cold extraction with unaltered characteristics. The olive pressing cycle includes several phases: UNLOADING OLIVES: the process begins with the unloading of the olives in an unloading hopper, from here the olives are transferred by a conveyor belt on which a defoliator aspirator is placed which has the function of separating the fruit from foreign bodies (leaves, branches ... ) that will be excluded from the processing cycle. WASHING OF THE OLIVES: the olives pass into running water washing machines that remove the soil, are then transported by the force of the water to a second hopper through a grid that holds any leaves still present. CRUSHING AND MIXING: the fruit is transported to crushers for the appropriate crushing. The crushed olives are presented in the form of oil paste which is subjected to remixing to facilitate the rupture of the oil cell membranes and to homogenize it. OLIVE PRESSING AND DECANTATION: the kneaded paste is sent to extractors by means of single screw pumps. In the extractors, the oil, the vegetation water and the pomace are immediately separated by the action of the centrifugal force. The must oil is first filtered in vibrating baskets to free it from any residues of pomace and then sent to a centrifugal separator to be freed from the water droplets still present. The product is subjected to natural decanting processes obtaining an unfiltered oil that preserves the genuineness and the typical taste of the fruit. After the pressing and decanting phase, which can last several months, the product can be sent to the packaging phase.

Our cultivars:

Coratina: Intense green fruity oil, enveloping and rich in hints of leaf, artichoke and spices. Powerful notes of vegetables, fresh almonds and wild chicory on the palate. The relationship between bitter and spicy is harmonious and decisive.

Itrana: Oil with a yellow-green color, it has an intense, fruity, slightly bitter and spicy flavor; notes of green tomato and herbaceous.

Frantoia: Dark green oil with golden reflections, it is of excellent quality: fine, aromatic, savory and fruity, with hints of spicy and bitter. Some recognize various scents including: fresh grass, sour apple, artichoke, marjoram, rosemary, lettuce, celery and almond.

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