Nocciola Tonda di Giffoni IGP

The Protected Geographical Indication "Nocciola di Giffoni" refers to one of the most precious Italian varieties of all: the Tonda di Giffoni. The distinctive characteristics of the "Nocciola di Giffoni" PGI are represented by the perfectly rounded shape of the seed (which is the shelled hazelnut), which has a white, consistent pulp, with an aromatic flavor, and a thin and easily detachable perisperm (inner film). It is also particularly suitable for roasting, peeling and grading also for the medium and homogeneous size of the fruit. Due to these valuable characteristics, it is particularly suitable for industrial processing and is therefore strongly requested by industries for the production of pasta and grains, as well as, as a raw material, for the preparation of highly consumed confectionery specialties.

Natural or covered with chocolate, honey or nougat, the "Nocciola di Giffoni" PGI is gaining the favor of consumers, even abroad.

Being a medium-early cultivar, the fruit harvest usually starts already from the third decade of August, after which, the hazelnuts are dried to bring them to a humidity of 5-7% and finally they are deposited in cool and ventilated places, without odors and humidity.

The highly nutritious value of "Nocciola di Giffoni" means that its consumption helps to counteract atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, thanks to a concentration of monounsaturated fatty substances, such as oleic acid, which have the function of strongly limiting blood cholesterol levels. Rich in vitamins E, B, C, as well as minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and selenium, essential for the correct functioning of the cellular system.

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